The UTI Symptoms that you Should Observe

Among the things that can make your dog live a very uncomfortable and painful life is the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). We may think that this problem is uncommon, but if you happen to make a keen follow up on it, you will realize that the dogs suffering from UTI are so many than you may think. In order to be able to take proper care of your dog, it is good if you observe the early signs of UTI so that you can be able to take the required measures as early as possible. The following are some of the dog UTI symptoms: Unusual urges to urinate UTI makes the dog paw at the floor more than you have ever seen her doing. The infections make her have extra urges to urinate, which will make her whine and bark a lot as she makes trips to the backyard. As a result of frequent urinating, the dog feels thirsty thus consuming a lot of water. Here, you will find yourself refilling her water bowl now and then.

Blood in the urine Seeing blood color in bl your dog's urine can't make you feel good at all. You may not detect this symptom at first unless the dog urinates on a white clothing or a carpet. You see, it is not possible to keep a track of where your dog has urinated trying to find out any unusual sign in the urine. This means that unless you are keen, your dog may suffer for quite a good number of days before you come to realize how much pain your pup may be in. The blood in the urine is not usually red, but it can take a brown color. If you see such signs, know that it is the high time for you to take action.

The urge to urinate becomes uncontrollable The frequency in urinating becomes so intense such that your dog will find it difficult to make her way outside to urinate. The urine just comes all of a sudden and it is difficult for the dog to control, thus making her do it on your floor or on your favorite carpet. These symptoms can be easily detected if your dog is well behaved because her sudden change in behavior to start peeing inside the house will make you know that she has UTI.

Licking around the urethra opening UTI usually makes your dog have itchy or painful feelings around her urethra opening which may make her keep on licking it trying to relieve herself from those pains. Other possible symptoms that may alert you that your dog has UTI are: High fever Straining as she urinates It is important, however, to note that your dog may be having UTI even without showing any of the above symptoms. It is the veterinarian who unfolds the condition as he performs other testings on your is therefore important to take your dog to the vet regularly in order to have the UTI symptoms diagnosed as early as possible, and the proper treatment be done before your dog's health become critical as a result of pain and anguish.